Houston Museum of Natural Science Classes
Important Information and Online Registration Form
Fall 2021 – September, October, November and December
Spring 2022 - January, February, April and May 

​Dear Parents, 


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the children of Ignatius Home Schoolers with the Houston Museum of Natural Science monthly field trip program. We are excited to be offering monthly classes. Below are a few details about the monthly classes that will be helpful and will ensure a great year. In order for our classes to run smoothly and to follow museum policy, we need adult chaperone volunteers. If you do not have a younger child with you on these days, we ask kindly that you sign up to help with chaperoning. Please read all of the important information. 

The children are going to have a great year learning about science and making a lot of new friends. As a reminder, we are representing Ignatius Home Schoolers while at the museum. Let us all plan to be the very best example of homeschoolers that we can be. We can not wait to see you and your children at the museum! 

Registration: All registration forms and full payment are due no later than July 15th, to Lori Kananen. Due to class space limitations (max 25 per class), any registrations received after this date will be on a first come first serve or possibly on a wait list. 

Class Schedule: Classes are offered on the 2nd Friday of the month. Sept. 10, 2021 • Oct. 8, 2021 • Nov. 12, 2021 • Dec. 10, 2021 • Jan. 14, 2022 • Feb. 11, 2022 •  (March no class) • April 8, 2022 • May 13, 2022

Location: Meet outside the front entrance of the museum.


Arrival Time for all students: 9:00-9:10am

Students will line up outside by group then be given a lanyard with the students information on it. Each lanyard will be turned in at the end of the day to their group chaperone. If your lanyard in misplaced a $5 fee will be owed to IHS. All lanyards belong to IHS.

At 9:15-9:20am, chaperones will guide the students to their first class. Class will begin at 9:30am sharp. 

HMNS Policies: Students must be supervised at all times therefore chaperones must be provided for each group. For the safety and enjoyment of others, disruptive and unsafe behavior is not permitted. NO backpacks, headphones, gum, candy, or lunches are allowed in the museum. 

Absences: If possible, contact Lori or Jeannette prior to the museum class day. Children get sick and we understand completely. Please contact us if you know of the time that you will be out of town on class days. 

Lunch Time: 12pm

The museum does not allow food in the Exhibit halls or theater areas. We will eat as a group across from the museum in the grassy park area. Please bring either a picnic lunch or purchase lunch inside the museum lobby area. There are other fast food restaurants nearby including Subway (short drive) or a taco restaurant within walking distance. From past experience, a picnic blanket is suggested. Families are welcome to bring a ball or game to share. 

*Optional Afternoon Venue Schedule: 1:00pm or later (schedule to be determined by HMNS and may depend on IMAX schedule) 

This information is for those families that choose to participate in the extra afternoon exhibits as a group.

The Fall semester will include: one IMAX, one Planetarium, one special exhibit with guided tour and one permanent exhibit with a guided tour. The Spring semester will include: one IMAX, one Cockrell Butterfly Center, one special exhibit with guided tour and one permanent exhibit with a guided tour. HMNS has not yet posted the complete IMAX and Special Exhibit schedule for 2021-2022.

Group Assignments: Each class can hold a maximum of 25 students. Due to COVID our numbers were reduced to one class of 25. The expectation is to have 1 group as follows:

Group A consist of grades 4-9 (with dissections). 


Thank you for understanding. 

Chaperones: HMNS policies require 4 chaperones per group for each class. Each group will attend 2 classes per day. You will need to attend BOTH classes (not just one). All chaperones will receive a HMNS chaperone sticker to identify them with the group. All chaperones need to order an Ignatius Home Schoolers shirt to be worn to classes. Class chaperones will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Special note: There will be no chaperones available for the afternoon exhibit. All families will need to purchase at least one family afternoon package exhibit to escort their own children. 

Shirts: All students ARE REQUIRED to wear an Ignatius Home Schoolers t-shirt as a way for our chaperones & HMNS staff to easily identify our students from other groups. Students may wear their shirt with shorts, pants, skirts, etc. Parents may purchase additional shirts for family members. NOTE: If you have registered as a chaperone, please order a shirt for yourself so that the students and staff of HMNS are better able to identify you with the Ignatius Home Schoolers group. Shirt pick up location and date will be given at a later date. 

Exhibit Halls: All students and chaperones have free access to enjoy the permanent exhibit halls on our field trip days. 

HMNS Rules of Behavior for Students: 
• Keep your hands to yourself. Please keep a safe distance from objects, walls, cases and photographs. The oils, salts and acids in our sweat can damage works of art and artifacts. 
• Be respectful of other visitors in the Museum by using a quiet voice when walking through the Halls. Raise your hand if you have a question. 
• Cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode while in the halls. Students are not allowed to use cell phones while in the classroom. 
• Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed in the classroom. 
• Please do not run, jump, kick, or touch walls, cases, or artifacts. This ensures that our Museum remains in good condition for all visitors to enjoy as well as visitor’s safety. 
• Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their students/children during their visit to the Museum. NOTE: For those that repeatedly disobey museum rules of etiquette, the students/children will be asked to leave the museum. 

Student safety and pick up after classes: During class times and while moving between the morning classes, students are monitored by chaperones and expected to stay with the group. If you are not a chaperone, please plan to pick up your child directly outside of the main exhibit hall entrance (inside the museum lobby area) at 12:00 pm. Chaperones are required to collect all lanyards from the group then turn them in to Lori or Jeannette. Students are expected to stay with their parent or other adult provider for the remainder of the day. If your child is attending classes and being transported by someone other than yourself that day, please make sure that your child stays with that adult at all times outside of scheduled museum class times. All classes end at 12:00 pm. 

Student Emergency Forms: HMNS does not allow parents other than chaperones to attend classes due to the size of the classroom. During class time, some parents choose to visit the exhibit halls, take younger children to the park across the street or visit the Houston Zoo. Some parents organize carpools and take turns bringing children to the classes. The museum has requested that we have a way to contact parents that are not on campus during the classes in case of an emergency. Every student attending HMNS classes must have an adult responsible for their child. In order for your child to attend classes, an emergency form MUST be completed and turned in prior to the first class. 

Tuition: $160.00 per student for the 2021-2022 school year. Tuition includes 14 labs/classes and one Space Expedition Mission. An additional fee applies to Shirts and *Optional Afternoon Venues. 

*Families may decide to include afternoon venues for one semester for $30 or the full year for $60. Each additional family member wishing to attend the afternoon exhibits will also be $30 per semester or $60 for the full year. Children age 2 and under are free. Note: Due to the size of the IMAX screen, some of the IMAX images can be a bit overwhelming for small children. 

Photo: Any photos taken at the museum, may be used on future IHS website to promote this program. 

Please Note: Commitment to HMNS is for the FULL year. HMNS policy is that all classes must be paid for at the time of making the reservation; therefore, tuition is required by suggested date. If your child has to cancel during the year for any reason, unfortunately we are not able to provide a refund. 

If you are running late, it is important that you contact either:

Jeannette Brodnik  713-826-7731   or    Lori Kananen   713-319-4906 

Registration and Emergency

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Student Registration


Chaperone Sign Up

HMNS policies require 4 chaperones per group for each class. Each group will attend 2 classes per day. All chaperones will receive a HMNS chaperone tag to identify them with the group. Each chaperone MUST order a Ignatius Home Schoolers t-shirt to be worn on class day. Please keep in mind that chaperones are a necessity and are much needed for these classes to run smoothly. If you are able, please sign up to chaperone. We will have 4 chaperones. They are filled on a first come first serve basis when your child is fully registered. These spaces fill up quickly.  

Note: Per HMNS policy, No other siblings may attend the class with a chaperone (including infants). 

Please select which group you would like to chaperone. We will try to place you where you have selected.


I would like to purchase the following t-shirt size(s).
We want to particapate in the afternoon venue option.

I have read and agree to the HMNS and IHS policies in order for my children to participate in the museum classes. 

Tuition per student:

Morning Science Enrichment classes $160 for full year

Optional Afternoon Venues $30 per semester


All participating students are required to wear a IHS t-shirt for HMNS classes. T-shirts are not included in the cost of their tuition. T-shirts are $10 for unisex cut.

$10 non-refundable deposit per student to hold spot. Deposit will be applied towards tuition total. 

Payment option A: Complete payment due on July 1st for each student, t-shirt order, and additional family member.

Payment option B: A split payment of 65% of your total (for each student, t-shirt order, and additional family member) due by July 1st and then the final balance payment of 35% by October 1st.